Back at work... It's amazing how little work I do here compared to what I did in Iraq. So far I've worked on a PowerPoint presentation and planned next week's business trip to Oahu. The pace will pick up when I get back from Hawaii because I'll only have two weeks before my next business trip to Seattle and I have a lot of things I'll need to get done before I leave for that.

A movie commentary (a short one): "Robots" -- it was great! Ewan and Robin did a great job, but whoever wrote the dialogue and planned the story-line deserves much recognition. I'd love to write scripts for movies like that...but I'm not nearly ingenious or funny enough.

Alright--- gotta get out of here and go to an appointment. Today in San Diego the weather is - PERFECT - and I've got my Cabrio top down so I can enjoy it while I drive over to Coronado. Ciao~~


Anonymous said...

That's what Cabrio's are made for! By the way, what did you say your car's name was? ;)


Amber said...

i named my car? i don't remember that... should be a girly name though. anyone got ideas? it's a white VW Cabrio.

Anonymous said...

Call the car "Heather" lol

Sounds like you got in the civilian mode pretty good.

Just don’t get involve with “Road Rage”. Amber locks on the first idiot on the I-8 and fires missle one. lol

Well when you make your first million, let us know. :-D


Anonymous said...

The general idea is to derive a name from its model name or some feature about it. Or tie its name into a character. For instance an ex-girlfriend of mine had a red fastback honda civic. So, she called it "Little Red Riding Hood."
Her second car, a red camaro, she called "Nina" out of the movie La Femme Nikita. My car was named "Misty" since its a Mystique. I sometimes refer to it as The Jade Tigress, for its metallic green color and because I like the poetic nomenclature used by the Chinese. "Snow White" or "Gabriel" I think, are appropriate for your Cabrio. Or perhaps "Anastasia", given your Russian background. "Lilly", which means "white", I believe could work. Perhaps you could come up with an oriental sounding name. Use your imagination.


Val said...

Defenitely it must be called as Bundes-Girl (because W is the German brand). Gretta, Anhen, or Ingrid???

Ricky said...

How about Brie?
I love cheese.