last night i went to a bonfire... i almost felt i was anywhere but here.

this morning i separated out the things i want to ship home from the things i have to bring back with me to drop off at either Kuwait or El Paso on my way home. it took a while, and then i packed up one of my duffels with stuff for my TX drop-off...one bag is now ready to go. it was nice sitting in my room with the morning light streaming in, lazily rummaging through my things. i'm sending home my DVDs, CDs, extra clothes and boots, books, and other various things. my goal is to have only the bare minimum to carry back so i have less of a weight on my shoulders.

i'm listening to Keane right now, on my iPod. it's nice to have distractions like this, a way to separate my mind from reality whenever i wish. how did the soldiers in WWI, for example, fight off boredom, monotony, and depression?