To-night China found
his delicious will wouldn't break
the amber stars chortled in jest,
'you'll never touch it, hon.'

in frenzy feast
hordes of fish flesh
slide down
they hide like demons


i'm working on a short story now, which is so-far titled "Waffle House" -- once it's polished up a bit more i'll send it off. hopefully i'll make something out of it and begin my dreams of professional writer-hood.

i bought Jewel's book of poetry today. i'd always avoided it because, well, she is a celebrity, and probably only got herself published because of it. after glancing through it a bit i discovered she writes well, and i like it. it's naked.

i've been immersing myself in verbs the past month or so. verbs, gerunds, participles -- tenses, gender, numerals. it's all exotic to me, somehow. particularly in Russian. today we began the Russian Noun. i think perhaps i'll finally begin to understand the cases -- nominative, accusative, dative, etc. the highlight of the morning was purchasing a new text on Russian grammar. it's the best one i've seen, and just flipping through the pages makes me happy, as i read and understand more than i did before. the verbs of motion, so nicely listed. i'm absolutely in love with my major.

i also purchased a correspondence kit. writing is fabulous, and writing to people even better. particularly if they know how to wield a pen.

on friday i am driving down to Pensacola again. second time. i'm dropping off a truck, staying around for pure enjoyment, and flying back on monday. i will leave on flight #1270 to Charlotte, NC, then arrive in St. Louis on flight #311. i haven't been in a plane since August. i haven't been in a commercial plane since June.