Writing so soon again? Yes, I am.

Have any of you ever ridden a bicycle at 2am? Last night was my 1/2 night, and on the way to the MWR, I realized I couldn't remember ever riding at that time before. There aren't any street lights here, but the glow from downtown Baghdad is strong -- the nights are a bit hazy. At 2am, there aren't any humvees or SUVs driving by. Or anyone else, really. With my little headlamp strapped to my handlebars, I rode on, over speedbumps mysteriously sprouting from the pavement (you'd think I'd remember their placement) and holes in the dirt road that led to Bldg 51, MWR. I glanced up at the Pleides constellation, and walked into the building. Once inside, I used the webcam to talk to people back at home (and one in Germany). It's a little surreal, I think. I am always reminded of the movie "Enemy at the Gates," and I think, what would they have done if they had webcams? Useless thoughts, I know. Anyhow, my point is... well you get my point. After the MWR, I went home and watched more episodes of Alias, in the dark (my roommate was sleeping). Then I went to bed when the sun came up. I feel I've joined the race of vampires.

This is it for tonight. My boss is surely questioning why I am on the unclassified machine while there's work to be done. (He's actually very good to work for, and gives me my space -- more importantly, he gives me liberty when I'm writing my assessments. He says they're getting better, which is relieving. Can you imagine wanting to be a writer and then not being able to convey simple assessments well?)