don't really know what to write today... every day is much the same. from an outsider's point of view, i'm sure this is boring. i'm really just updating my posts to let you know i'm still alive.

ever since the dining facility bombing in Mosul, things have changed. no longer can you walk straight into any building without first getting checked by the MPs and clearing your weapon (i've not shot mine in about a month, but they're extra careful now), and they've put up barriers around the dining facility -- so there's just one entrance, to save on the number of guards that must be present. so, security is enhanced. i don't know if this has to do with the threat of the upcoming elections or if it's indefinite. at any rate, it's a necessary evil, i suppose.

the thought of getting out of the AF in 2006 and becoming a writer seems more delicious each day.... but i'm not so sure how i'll be able to live off of my writing, not having any basis to start from, not having a novel already-written in my back pocket to wow the publishers. i guess if i end up getting close to starvation or can't pay my rent, i'll get a job in the government as a civilian or go teach English in eastern Europe. it's actually nice not knowing what will happen -- my future is a blank slate. it seems much more interesting thinking of my future that way. thinking of staying in the AF for a full career.... it looms ahead of me, the timeline already flat and uneventful, full of the stresses of promotions and leadership, continued deployments.

i should get back upstairs to the office. i just came down here to look up clubs to join when i get back to San Diego. i've got 40 days left in Baghdad!
cheers~ amber dawn