Well, the LAST entry generated a lot of comments. No need to say more, except that yesterday and today were a little better. I got some sleep, which helped tremendously, and some of the officers and I fixed some of the problems that were going on over here. Things aren't perfect (are they ever), but we found some ways to lighten the mood a bit.

I got a box with Christmas cards from a middle school in Littleton, Colorado... they were beautiful, so we put them up on the marble wall in our office. It's really nice to get letters from kids about their lives, their pets and family, their hobbies and sports... not only is it nostalgic to get a card made out of construction paper and glue-stick, but their stories and comments are so pure and heartfelt. (Not to mention a little funny at times.)

Have a good holiday, if I don't write back before Christmas!