Merry Christmas!

This is the most different Christmas I've ever had, but it's not bad. I slept in an extra hour (believe me, that makes a HUGE difference), came in to work and called my parents while opening the gifts they sent (it was 1am there).... I got a really soft, cranberry-colored robe and some nice slipper (I really needed those b/c my house is freezing). Then I read through my emails... it's a slow, rainy day, but it's nice.

The BEST news?!! My boss got me my 4-day R&R (rest and relaxation) trip to Qatar, and I leave tomorrow!!! He said I need the rest, and that if he didn't send me, I'd probably kill him next month when we're really busy with the Iraqi National Elections... he also said that if I do go, he won't feel so bad when he keeps me late every day in January. I am so excited! My first day off since I got here (if you don't count when I was sick)... Also, my best friend from college is down there, who I can't wait to see. I promise to take tons of pictures and post them when I get back.

Merry Christmas (again) and Happy New Year!
~ amber dawn