dobre utra... it's currently 0853am. .. i rushed to get here by 0830 because i wanted to talk to people... so far i am talking to Matt and Tom. it's rather strange. internet savvy friends an all...

last night i finally bought myself headphones....it was a little weird b/c i picked out the ones i wanted (after the guy opened the package and had me make sure they worked)..then i went across the store to pay the 215rubles for them, then got my receipt, and went back to the guy. i was supposed to have my own shopping bag. they're cool....blue. i think they're from Germany.

dinner last night was beef strogonoff and long macaroni. Maria Petrovich had me drink some kind of cold medicine that i mixed with hot water...tasted like lemons. then i fell asleep listening to U2. i woke up at midnight, had more tea, and talked about ballet with Maria. seems she also teaches ballet besides being an actress in the comedy theatre.
i still haven't done my essay that is due in one hour. it's only supposed to be a page.

i think the ballet tonight will be awesome. i'm excited.

my throat still hurts, but not as bad as yesterday. i don't think i have a fever anymore. i decided i didn't need to buy a coat. i am just layering. i don't look as cool as everyone else... but.... i'll survive.

well i plan on being here again tomorrow morning. hope to see more people online.
dobre dyen.... wow! when i was posting my blog yesterday it came up "error" (well, it was in Russian)...and i thought it had all completely erased! but it's there! *sigh of relief* glad.

my plan was...wake up at 7, eat breakfast with Vladimir Petrovich, go to the netcafe, chat....
my day was....woke up at 11 (eleven!)...ran to the sink, washed my hair in it, ran to the metro, ran down the escalators...ran to class across Nevskii prospekt...they were all at lunch. oh i was so embarassed. and i was burning up (i have a really sore throat, too).
then we had class....but the Maj wanted my visa number..and i left the copy at home. so...the Maj, Brian, and i went to my home, i got it...and Brian and i went to the Museum of Russian Political History. (Soviet History, mostly.) it was fantastic. to top it all off...it was in a manshion...the manshion Vladimir himself took over to run the Revolution from! i was breathless....there was even a Lenin memorial in one of the rooms....the one that was his office. a lady came by and gave us a short tour of the actual building (see....this is where the rich people would come in....natural marble....the original wood.....it has been splendidly preserved..._) no one else went with us...they went shopping. i am looking for some headphones to replace the ones Lufthansa destroyed. oh! i didn't tell you about that! the flight attendant got my headphones caught in one of their rolling thingies....and so they gave me a coupon for 50DM. i haven't cashed it out yet...i'll do that when i'm back in Frankfurt. for now, i plan on buying some Russian music, if i find anything i like. i'm not souvenier shopping until just before i leave though. i have plenty of time to scout out places.
tomorrow--- we're going to a theatre and watching a ballet. i can't remember the name of the theater yet.... and the ballet is a premier.

oh...last night--- i saw the statue of Pushkin!

i am going home early tonight. i don't feel well, even though the ice cream and kvass helped a little. (kvass is some kind of fermented wheat drink...not really alchoholic, but it tastes good. reminds me of apple juice.)