Thanks for the comments, guys (comments with the pic below). I read that comment last night just before heading home and was not only stunned, but mystified. I racked my brain most of the night, in between being a little disturbed by the shooting going on and having just seen a lot of tracer rounds from my kitchen, wondering why someone would say something like that and then wimp out by just posting a comment instead of emailling me directly. Next time someone wants to accuse me of un-gentlemanly behavior, he should be a gentleman himself and let me know what it was he thinks I've done wrong directly, via email. Posting in like that, in that tone, was not only unprofessional, but dishonorable. Really, there are other things I've got to worry about over here than vague accusations. Well, enough about that. I shall make extra care I don't say anything dishonorable or unladylike anymore. Really, though, my grandmother reads this, so I'm fairly certain I've kept it clean.

On to other things... work is very serious and very busy lately. Today I did find time to eat lunch out on the balcony of the Palace (which I've never done before). We're on MREs now since the DFAC is closed. Eating MREs isn't bad. It's a little like opening a grab-bag - you never know what you're going to get, and there is a communal feeling to it as everyone trades around the peanut butter and brownies and tobasco sauces for something else they prefer. (Today I had the beef raviolis, which is generally a good bet.) It was so nice sitting out there, avoiding the pigeon droppings, overlooking the rest of Camp Slayer. In the distance I could see the squarish houses outside the wire, where the real world begins, and a colorful circus-tent-painted Mosque. I haven't had a lot of time or energy to write on this blog because I've been writing a lot at work, and my eyes get tired. I do occasionally check the comments, though, on my way home (like last night).

I am currently reading a book on Nepal. It's a collection of personal accounts and stories written by people who have traveled there, with a short tour-guide at the end of the book. Exactly what I'd like to get in to. I wonder how freelance writers manage to pay the bills and plan for things, though. Anyway, the stories are really fascinating. One was about just walking around the cities, and another about a guy with a bloody nose who later found out he had accidentally gotten a leech in his nose after drinking directly from a stream (won't find me doing that now). I've been reading the stories while loading music onto my computer -- I bought an iPod mini and it finally got here (I love it).

Well, I have to get back upstairs and get to work! I dunno.... is writing emails and blogging dishonorable and unladylike during working hours? ;-) Of course, here, working hours are ALL the time!

Oh, I listen to music while working, too. Is that bad? Today I've been particularly fond of Badly Drawn Boy and Franz Ferdinand. ;-) Everyone, take care! I am SO glad the Out-of-Country voting seems to be going well. Pray for all people manning the voting stations tomorrow! They'll need it.