About an hour ago I was getting my eyes lazered. (How often do you get to say that?) They numbed my eyes, and then took out a scrub brush and cleaned off the epithelium (outer skin cells) and then the laser did its job. The only discomfort was when the brush was working... the laser wasn't painful and was very interesting.... after a while it seemed I was looking down a tunnel at a blinking red light, and I imagined I was going through a space warp. After the procedure, I could read the clock on the wall, although everything was a bit fuzzy. (For instance, I can hardly see what I'm typing right now, but before the surgery, I wouldn't have been able to see this at all without lenses.) They put a healing-contact lens over my eyes, and I go back tomorrow for a check up. The packet of meds they gave... oh my. Steroid drops, antibiotic drops, numbing drops, rewetting drops, Motrin, percocet, etc. Crazy. I'm going to try to just deal with the pain and just take the motrin for now. The last time I took a narcotic pain-killer I got flown to the International Zone's C*A*S*H in Baghdad (after just a wisdom tooth removal), so I don't want to push it. Of course I'll drink lots of water. So, after my PRK, I am looking forward to great vision.

This evening my friend from England is flying in (Brit #9) and then tomorrow, a friend from South Dakota, and then on Friday a friend from New Mexico. Then we'll head out to the Coachella Music Festival. I am praying I won't be miserable due to the surgery while they're all here.

Now... I'm going take advantage of my convalescent leave and take a nap. Too bad I can't read; that's what I would love to do right now.... sit down and relax with a book.