I CAN'T FIND MY PASSPORT!!!!! I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE. I'VE LOOKED ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Oh my what the hell will i do now? i am naseated. totally. where did it go? i had it on the counter in the kitchen. why must people move my stuff! it was there for a reason. i am out of my mind. i had to stop for a second. i shall resume my search.....
ok there is something wrong with this thing. extremely annoying.

why oh why did i wake up so early? i couldn't sleep anymore so i jumped right out of bed and started taking books off my bookshelf...i put the old ones i read as a kid in my japanese tea chest. now i have room to show off my russian collection.

outlook express won't let me send out emails. irritating program. i have to go through the website to send emails.

whenever i can figure it out, i'll make this all better.... i want pics, bios, email -- the whole speel.
i think liking a guy who is far away absolutely stinks. i want to converse with him, but i never seem to catch him. if long distance were free, or we had webcams or something it would be better. i guess i should be happy i have the internet at all...

....of course there is the host from Lonely Planet i absolutely adore. his name is Ian. that's all i know about him, but he's hillarious and witty. i should look him up and send him fan-mail. i bet he doesn't get that much... afterall, he's a host on the Travel Channel. (which is the best one)