in Mariposa, CA. tomorrow we're heading out to Travis and HOPEFULLY i will get on the plane Sunday for Scott AFB. (My Aunt Sandy is AWESOME.) Last night had a nice margarita on the rocks. (did i mention how COOL my Aunt Sandy is?) today i CUT MY HAIR> refer to fall 1998. yes. EXTRA short. :)
oh, and today i finally got my luggage that Greyhound lost. (my pack and my bike)


i'm still here in Monterey. no, i know, i wasn't supposed to be here still. well, greyhound and amtrak have been giving me difficulties b/c of my bike. grrr. so... tomorrow i'm going to Mariposa. then my Aunt Sandy is taking me to Travis, AFB. i HOPE i get on the flight to Scott that day because if i don't, my next chance won't be until Tuesday. i need to get back to St. Louis!

just for the record: this is the WEIRDEST summer ever.


this is a great little town. my grandparents are here from Mariposa visiting. just had a delicious salmon sandwich.

thinking about taking the train to Mariposa next week.... gonna check out that area of Cali before i head back to St. Louis.



for anyone curious who might care i am in monterey, ca. yes i'm alive.

it's not suffering hot here either.


i love how my life keeps twisiting. even i am excited. :) tomorrow i am going to Monterey, CA to see an old, old friend. plus i'm going to be by the sea, the Pacific! i'm excited. i'm going via military plane. free travel is ultimate. i'm even bringing my bike. going to see DLI (Defense Language Institute).... it's my personal mecca.

Humphry Bogart! Ahh. I'd give that man my liver! (just thought it'd be interesting for you to read)

well i shall commence packing.