here's to bad and great puns: If the Japanese army took over the government it would be a high coup.

i sit here in a blue robe and wet hair. my face is tight because i haven't put lotion on yet. i would like some cranberry juice. i don't think i've had that since winter. (yes we have changed seasons isn't that wonderful)

my passport is eye-level on my shelf, just in front of a letter from an old love. both are invigorating to glance at. my passport speaks "i am ready to travel the world again. i am free again. i will have a voice again." what my letter says is private of course. no i won't tell you.

saturday. cinco de mayo. if i knew better Spanish it would be more monumental of a day. nyatnoe maya. there. Russian.
after i rejuvenate from a night of drinking i will ride my bike. nothing is more fun these days when it's warm.