i am in St. Louis again. Matt's apartment. i got here Friday b/c his birthday was Saturday. Sunday i got a flat on my bike... and i can't find my tire pump anywhere. (by the way, it's not fun having to walk/carry a bike 2 miles home)

last night i saw Immortal Beloved. damn that was a sad one. today i'm going to the art museum. should be fun.

i really wish i could clean up this place, but i've no idea where to put some things, and i doubt Matt knows either. all my stuff is still packed.

k... i'm going to get dressed and actually do something productive.


waiting around until my bike ride... i met up with some guys from Summerville, and they're fun to ride with. tonight's ride is supposed to be faster and more difficult. i'm excited. i'm going to get all muddy.

i leave this Friday for St. Louis. rearranged my room last night...it's much better now. wish i'd done that earlier.

i like the rain. even when i'm stuck at a traffic light, driving the jeep with the top off, and it pours. it's fun. just makes windshield wipers useless.


back from hiking... we did 40 miles in three days. not bad. saw lots of deer... one walked through our camp when dad and i were playing poker. the next night was more... exciting. a mama bear and her two cubs walked behind our tent, and crossed the path to climb up the hillside in front of us. i was glad we were smart and burned the trash and didn't have any food out. a mama bear can be scary.

visited Green Bank, WV.... got to see lots of really awesome telescopes and met up with the SARA guys (Society of American Radio Astronomers, i think). i had my own personal tour of a telescope then, after chatting with some Hams, and we listened to Virgo. i was psyched.

that's it for now. going to St Louis in a week or so. must be back by Matt's birthday ~ it was an order.


in Charleston, SC now... it's hot, but i like the weather. i've been driving the Jeep and it's much more fun than my Civic.

i'm getting ready for my big hiking trip with dad. we start Saturday, and i'm riding Greyhound up to West Virginia to meet him (he's in New York now). we'll be on the trail for a week. (no we're not going to climb Mt Washington anymore -- he said it's too far away)

did some yoga today out on the hill in the backyard. it's so beautiful. i was in the shade under a poplar tree, overlooking the marsh and the Ashley river. Charleston is gorgeous.



the visitation was today... there were pictures all around the funeral home of Uncle Larry... it was so sad. hundreds of people came. the funeral director said it was unusual...so many people..."this only happens a few times a year" just goes to show... i replied that he was just that special. i don't think there was a soul who didn't love him.

i'm keeping Aunt Linda up with the typing. (of course she could close her door)
tomorrow is the memorial service. i'm not wearing black, and neither is she. he wouldn't want that.

i wish my dad was here.


Uncle Larry died Sunday, July 1st. Mom flew immediately to St. Louis. fortunately, as you all know, i was there already ... now i am in Jefferson City with mom, Aunt Linda, my cousin Joseph, Grandma Betty, Uncle Ray, and lots of other relatives. we had to put off the memorial service until Friday, the 6th, because of Larry's sister's birthday and the 4th of July. he donated everything. so... he's not really dead then, is he?

i don't know what will happen next.

i think dad and i will climb Mount Washington in a few weeks. i hope.
i feel bad that my Uncle died... and now Joseph does not have a father. this is the first time i have ever had to deal with death, and i have come to realize that i am the type that stays silent and cries in bed. it's very "Matthews" instead of "Ellis" -- meaning, like dad's family and not like mom's. i'm amongst many women of my family....they do not stop to breathe when talking, and they spontaneously break into tears. very touching. i just can't get myself to join... i have become the hard one, the one who runs the errands and goes running to take breathers.