it has been two weeks since i've last posted anything. this is largely due to the fact i've been incredibly busy. the other fact is i totally forgot. i've been working on several ... projects. two of them are secrets for someone, and just incase this person reads this (which i doubt), i will not name them. anyhow, just posting to say i'm alive. i have run out of creative spunk for this.


friday. tonight is the Dining-In for my AFROTC Detachment. get to wear Mess Dress, yay.
Pensacola was absolutely devine. i had the happiest weekend. i can't wait until i can return.
the Russkii Klub is rocking along... the other members are as excited about it as i am. we're having a party tonight, after i return from Scott AFB and the Dining-In.


i leave this afternoon for Florida, just shortly after my Theology class. this is going to be exciting. Navy Ball....wow. i'm wearing a navy ballgown with white gloves. he's wearing choker whites. we'll be quite the pair.

so the Russians have been attacked as well? an explosion in an airplane? oh my.

no new poems i feel like typing in here.
i'll be back on Monday.


we started the Russkii Klub today at SLU. :) it's going to be awesome. we gabbed a bit, then went out to eat at Dvin's, a local Russian restaurant. so far we have four members...but there are going to be lots more soon enough, when the word spreads. now i have a new Russian music cd...the band is called "Splin."

ran today, after the restaurant. my bike is hurt. it got in an accident while someone else was riding it.

one of my friends' father has disappeared. and left a suicide note behind. i pray everything will be ok. i'm really worried about my friend.