I have successfully moved to Camp Slayer, into a house. There is a huge room partitioned off to make cubicles with beds in them, and my little cubicle-room has a sliding glass door (unopenable) right along the lake. It's beautiful, quaint, and much safer than that tin-can trailer. This morning's walk to breakfast was nostalgic, but I couldn't tell where the nostalgia was coming from -- Bahrain? Japan? At any rate, the temperature was cool and there was a strong breeze coming off the blue-green lakes. It was a peaceful walk, and I even passed a few stray dogs and cats who seemed oblivious to the change this once-Ba'athist resort has undertaken the past few years.

I work in the "Perfume Palace" now. Still don't have indoor plumbing, but that's alright. The palace has an enormous dome, which I work inside of. I must get pictures of it... I can see the palace from my bedroom. :) This is SO MUCH better than Victory. Camp Victory was like a bustling Army extravanza.... and Camp Slayer is like a small town with a little Main Street.

Must start work! ~ Amber