i'm visiting my parents and sister this week in Charleston, South Carolina. it's a nice, warm, sunny day, and guess what i get to do now? mow the lawn. wonderful. mom said i can "work on my tan." i love how they pick this week to do house work.

this may be my last time visiting them in Charleston as they're moving to Denver for about six months and then to Anchorage. Christmas in Alaska, my dad says. at least it'll be white.

well my sister is getting increasingly annoyed that i am being "lazy" and not helping. i doubt she understands that the past two days have been the first relaxing days i've had since i got back and i just don't feel guilty for not jumping in and helping scrub the new tile they just laid down in the sun-room. some mischevious filament inside me is relishing my new-found ability to annoy my little sister. muahaha. i have come back from Iraq and am evil! ;-)