Last Saturday I bought a new computer... an iMac. It's fantastic and will be the computer I write my first novel on. Isn't that exciting?

Next Wednesday the Navy is going to give me the PRK surgery -- lazer eye surgery. (For free.) It'll be painful, they say, but worth it. The thought of going from 20/400 to 20/20 is just plain exhilerating. :-) I won't have to think about contacts or glasses ever again, unless I need them when I'm old and can't naturally read a book in hand.

Today I had to present a block of instruction on writing to the staff where I work. I wasn't too nervous and it went better than I had expected, which is good. I have to do it again, this time to the big boss, on Tuesday. After that, I won't go back to work until I fly out to Seattle on the following Monday because of the eye surgery.

Next Saturday (the 29th) I'm going to the Coachella concert to see Snow Patrol, Keane, Wilco, and others. It'll be the best concert ever -- especially since some of my best friends are coming with me. One is flying in from England, one from South Dakota, one from New Mexico, and two from here. We'll be camping out in the desert there, as well. (Not that big-group camping is my ideal.... backpacking is better, of course, but in this case...)

Now I'm off... have a good week!
~ Amber