Sometimes... I just get so frustrated!!! Grrr!!! I had written a really good entry, and when I pushed "publish post" the page didn't load up correctly and I lost everything! I hate that!

Well... I mostly talked about the elections. Of course. It's a gorgeous day outside, and hopefully the majority of Iraqi people will show up to vote, defying the insurgents who've threatened them. So far, after the polling sites have been open for four hours, it looks good. I am glad that Iraqis around the globe participated. My favorite snippets from the news were of the Imam in the US quoting Martin Luther King saying, "We are now free!" and Geraldo Rivera saying, "I'm so happy; damn the insurgents!" The energy of the day is rippling throughout the country, all the way into the Palace I work in. It's like a jolt of caffeine.

Last night I watched "Identity" with some housemates. At one point, during a very loud and scary point of the movie, we could hear gunfire from outside. Iraqi surround sound, you know.

I'm off to eat my Mystery (MRE...Mr. E....Mystery) lunch pack now. What shall I get?

Sorry the earlier version didn't publish. I promise it was more profound. Something about the significance of the elections and the impact it will have on history and upon myself.... I am not a sage, however, so it wasn't too profound, and apparently I don't have picture-perfect memory because I couldn't recreate it.