ah the bliss of cloudy rainy lazy Sundays. i slept in, in the most wonderful way. ;) if it weren't for the fact i have my asian history final tomorrow i would sleep some more, maybe rent a movie. of course, the tv is gone. so that would cause problems. i relish the idea that the tv has been replaced by my fish tank. Sharky is the most interesting object in the room. i just packed up lots of books though. all i have out are my tourism books for St. Pete's and Moscow, and Catch-22 which i'm almost done with. i'm debating whether to go to the study group today or not... the only catch (ha ha) is that i didn't read the last novel we were supposed to read...that was...uh...oh yeah __Playing with Fire__. there is supposed to be a question on the test about it. hmm. so yes Amber is pondering.

whenever i remember it, i'm going to put a link to Matt's website. there's a few poems on there of mine. i don't feel like retyping them, plus i believe every person should encounter Matt's site.

well, 'tis nappy time.