yesterday was noneventful, although i did go for a run at sunset. i like running around the cahokia indian mounds. there's something mystical there, something empowering. there's nothing like being on top of monk's mound (the biggest one) and being able to see all around, with st. louis in the west, the mississippi river snaking along to the south, and the bluffs in the east. i feel like i'm in an upside-down bowl because the sky is so perfectly domed around me. truly, i feel like i'm in the center of the world up there. it's best to be alone, too.

then i came home, received TWO letters at once from someone in Pensacola -- :) -- and then read a little of "The Bear and the Dragon" by Tom Clancy. i thought i should read that novel. i was asleep by 2330 and didn't wake up until 0830. yeah, i know. i slept too much.

now i have to go to "History since 1500" --- ugh. i usually sit and read in this class. and the teacher always calls on me, especially since he knows my name out of the fifty other students.