this will be my last post for a few days, until i get home and settled. i check out of uni apartments when i leave for my last final, at noon. it is now 4am. you can see i didn't plan on spending my last hours in St Louis sleeping. i gotta put a few things away and then i'm going to study Russian Lit.

this past week has been phenomenal. i don't know where to begin. except note that i am at peace with myself. content and happy, even. the weather has been just as complacent.

later today (after my final) i will be going to Carbondale with Kevin. he graduates Saturday morning, and he wants me to meet his friends there. it is going to be fun, i just know it. the perfect way to begin the perfect summer vacation.

speaking of which i wrote my longest essay in Russian ever, titled, blandly enough : My Summer. Moe Leto. i wrote it out and then went over it with Yelena so i know it's not gramatically incorrect anywhere.

my stomach is rumbling and i need to pack up. i am not overly thrilled about my drive home. the destination is good, but fourteen hours or so of driving by myself isn't exactly entertaining. well, not until i become just insane enough to start personal conversations. ;) just kidding. well no, not kidding. y'all know i'm crazy.