It's been years and years since I've written on this site. So much has happened.

Let's not revisit it.

Today I left work around noon to come home and rest. (I have mono, again.) I haven't really done much except tool around online and chat with an old friend. My dog, Chewbacca, has decided (against my many "no"s) that the best place to nap is on my bed, next to me. I don't mind so much, but Jessica, the cat, will when she returns through the window (that's how she goes in and out). I'm debating whether I should nap or not. I have to go out in an hour...

I really wish I had something insightful or artful to stay, but I don't. I'm working on a short story again, a different one. I'm trying out children's lit now. Hopefully I will do well as a writer and will get out of the military in a few years.
Well this was it for my first post in a year and a half. I'll try to do better next time.