i am all packed except for the batteries to the digicam (they're charging). it is almost noon. my plane takes off at 1510. then i fly to Dulles, which is D.C. then i fly to Frankfurt. then to St. Petersburg. i arrive there tomorrow morning (local time? i don't remember). ok i am going to post the time differences for St. Petersburg and Moscow for the US. ok:

St. Pete and Moscow are both EIGHT hours ahead of US EST. and that means NINE hours ahead of US CST. so... if it is noon now, in Charleston, it is ---> you guessed it, EIGHT PM. yay. everyone take a bow. so now you know.
finally! i hope it keeps working.... i leave for the airport in a few hours. i'm gonna go shower and make sure everything is packed up nicely.

yesterday Chasaty did swing by for the evening. it was so much fun. i miss her already.
hmm i am currently trying to fix this site...