same day. this has been a long one. my friend came over today and we got to discuss men and speak in japanese. i also talked with my chinese history teacher (for whom the paper was due) about the disappointing fact of SLU not having any real sort of multi-national programs other than western europe. what a dismay.

i am heading off to the Grind. i'm bringing my friend Matt. we always discuss philosophy. or rather, he discusses, i listen. he's the philosopher. it helps being around him because it forces me to think. he won't let me get away with lame answers or ignore his questions. it's an aggrivatingly simple teaching strategy.

oh. my email address is matthead@slu.edu. maybe in the future when i get more net savvy i can link this to a webpage and have all sorts of goodies for any readers.
i have come to the conclusion (again) that i must like to test myself. here i have set myself up with exacly one hours worth of writing left on my paper (yes i took a nap) and i have one hour left until class. just exciting. oh-- and to add -- my printer isn't working so i have to go somewhere else to do that. i'm glad i bought my bike -- i'll get everywhere just that much faster.

i had strange dreams. i think. i keep thinking of my ex-boyfriend and the new guy i just met. *sigh* i wish i weren't such a girl sometimes.
check that. had to change the format so it recognized i was on central time, not pacific.
it's 3:30am and i should be finishing my history paper on __Red Azalea__. instead here i am. my first ever blog entry. yay. it makes me wonder if the rest of the day (assuming there is some sleep in there) i will be able to function.

who am i?
my name is amber, but i am called ambotchka by those who befriend me. i made it up three years ago, trying to russify my name. if you know any russian you should know that it's quite an interesting concoction. of course at the time i didn't know anything.
russian is now my major, and i study at st louis university. yes that's in st lous. (you would be amazed at how many people from my high school didn't know where that was.)

what do i like to do?
write travel hike climb bike read -- anything that doesn't involve running is preferred

what will i do with my life?
isn't that the question of the era. well gee. so far i'm conscripted to join the air force. the might blue. i am scheduled to be commissioned next may, 2002. sounds like i'm a building or something.

what do i want to do?
today...my dream is to be a travelling writer and see all the exotic corners of the world before they're lost. someone needs to record them. why not me?

as for now...i need to finish this paper for my asian history class. the book is great. i highly recommend it. just don't write papers on books you like. you end up very self-critical and get no where.