Camp Victory, Iraq!  Finally.  I left San Diego what, 11 days ago?  Seems a lifetime ago.  I'm not planning on typing much because I am extremely tired, need to shower, and really need to get to bed.  Just letting you know I'm here.  It's almost pretty outside -- such a drastic change from Kuwait, and it doens't seem as hot.  At least, after eating dinner, it was only 95 degrees or so which is quite pleasant compared to the blasting heat at Camp Doha, Kuwait. 

We flew here in a C-130.  We were told they always get fired upon, but if it happened, we didn't hear it.  It was an interesting, although warm and cramped, ride.  Especially when we cirlced in for a landing.  After that, we convoyed to Camp Victory.  The Palace amazed me.  It's beautiful, and right on a lake or river, complete with a boat house.  The streets (if you can call them that) are lined with eucalyptus trees, and the canals (does Kuwait even have canals?) were lined with some sort of reed, maybe papyrus? 

I am in a tent with all females, and I'm the only officer.  So much for the Army reg they gave us at Ft. Bliss about officer and enlisted sharing living quarters being forbidden.  Apparently in 4-6 weeks we might move into some trailers that are supposed to be nicer, and with beds.  Right now I have a cot, and nothing else.  I wish I had a locker or a footlocker.  I am so tired of living out of duffle bags.  Whatever I want is always at the bottom.

Well I'm going back to my not-so-hot tent.  I'm sure I'll freeze tonight and then bake tomorrow.

Email me if you're reading this!  I don't know if anyone is.  ambotchka@yahoo.com

~ Amber Dawn