today i went to the "rug shop" over at North Victory and bought three Persian rugs... one from Qom, one from Naim, and one from Tabriz. they're gorgeous. the Qom one (all silk) is the smallest and has a hunting scene on it -- very...well, Persian-looking. the Naim one is blue and white, with a more geometric design, and has the family signature woven into the top. the one from Tabriz is darker, with intricate browns, golds, and a bit of blue and green around the border. i am very please. first personal mission: complete.

i am slowly getting in the mind-set that i'm actually leaving soon. oh, that reminds me. how often does THIS ever happen to anyone? -- i was walking past the fax machine, and it was blinking saying it needed more paper. usually i'd ignore it and walk on, but i was feeling nice, so i actually stopped to feed it. interest piqued, i waited to see what was printing out (we rarely get faxes). to my utter surprise, it was for me (my ammended orders for being extended). it was so random.

found a four-leaf clover yesterday.... i'd begun to wonder if i'd ever find on here. [ok for those of you who don't know, i have this strange knack for finding them.] anyway, now i've gotten my four-leaf clover and my Persian rugs, i can leave.