Life continues over here.... I've been busy, but not in the frantic, irrational way I was over at Camp Victory. Here, work is the same, but I can set my own pace and even accomplish more. I'm happier here. :) dibriad@isg.mil for those of you who used to email me at my other work email address (like my friend in New Hampshire).

There was an article sent out about Fallujah, by Jack Kelly. He makes some very good points, and although I don't agree with all he says, it's nice to see something other than the negative reporting that been out in the news. His article is titled "Victory in Fallujah:Iraq's Iwo Jima gets scant media respect." If you feel like reading something different than what is published by al-Jazeera or NBC, look it up.

Today I went for my first run in weeks. I was actually able to go during working hours, in the daylight (we're not allowed to run in the dark over here for safety reasons). I ran maybe just a mile, over to Saddam's personal Mosque and back. The entire time, there was water on at least one side of me, and in the slight breeze, the light flickered off the tiny little waves. It made me almost feel as if I were back in San Diego, watching the harbor. The buildings, little marble and cement cottages set up for the Ba'ath Party, dotted the rim of the lakes. There is even a houseboat, but it's nearly sunk. The Victory over America Palace (that was never finished being built) was being worked on, and I could hear the hammering across the silent lake. The run itself wasn't fun because I still have some sort of cold and my endurance is at nil, but it was pretty and nice to be out in the sunshine for a change. It shouldn't be too hard to keep that up.

~ amber dawn