I got to work tonight to find out I would be the only one in my "cell" until morning. I was just delighted. Let me explain.... we usually put out a product of pretty good analysis every morning at 0400. It's so well-loved that when our Lt Colonels shut off our product in the interest of other things, the General himself walked down here, looked at us, and said, "The Daily is back up." I'm under the impression the General Officers need our Daily for one of two things: 1, they read it like a morning paper, with coffee in hand, first thing, or 2, they bring it to the bathroom. Either way, we were happy to be producing again. (The two days the Daily was turned off, we felt we had nothing to do, and were completely demoralized.) On Sundays, we do a "weekly" product that is essentially a wrap-up of our past week or some longer entries that weren't submitted earlier.

When I got in here tonight, ready to crank it out, I discovered NO ONE had given me their submissions for the day. That meant I had to do it all alone. (Note: A 1Lt doesn't have to do it all alone when there are Sergeants around who didn't do their job.) I managed to convince in the nicest way possible two Sergeants, and their submissions did help. I had other problems, like my own stupidity -- I shut the piece I was working on down, and erased it, having to start over. (Isn't it great that my greatest frustration in Baghdad tonight was dealing with Microsoft?)

Now it's 0315.... and I find myself done with my work. There's plenty to read, but I am not in the mood for it. I will have to find some way to occupy myself until 0800.

At my work place, there are two unclassified internet machines.... so there's usually a wait to check email, read up on sports (not me), or do research (there's a lot of info out there just in the newspapers). I, of course, back up the line by writing in my blog. :) It's totally worth it. I have to vent somehow.

Most of the senior officers here are either idiots or lazy (there are, admittedly, a few that are great), and I've discovered one of the main problems with this place is its top-heavy nature. There are too many Generals and Colonels about. I'm not even phased by Colonels or Lt Colonels (Navy Captains or Commanders) anymore. "Oh, you're a Major? Whatever, you're just a Major" ... and being a 1Lt is like being, I don't know... a fly on the wall. The benefit there is you can disappear when you want to.