i can't study anymore. it's just useless. how does one prepare for essay tests? i'm just going to walk in and write it all out when i get there. i know enough to do well, and i should be able to BS the rest. anyway right now i'm just being lazy.
finally got Matt's website: http://www.inebriated.org/matt don't forget to check out my poems.
i don't plan on leaving until Monday, if i can get the Uni to allow me to stay that long. but...i'm all packed up. i love the sense of being in limbo... my sleeping bag is out on the bed, and i have all my clothes in my suitcase. fortunately i am leaving most of my stuff in St. Louis this time. ah less to drive home.

i should have been studying. i have a Russian Political Culture exam tomorrow at 8am EIGHT AM! i didn't have any classes that started before nine thirty this semester. what horror is this? it shall be done earlier then. yay. and then...only two more exams, and they're all Russian.

i am sure my parents want me to come home Saturday. i am not planning on it, however. i'd like to stay here as long as i can because of him.

advice for the day: don't EVER eat White Castles. ugh.
another interesting dream... but all i feel like noting was the time when Carly and i were walking next to a dry river bed and a flash flood raged through. i got knocked behind some trees as i scrambled, and Carly was ahead of me on safer ground. i lost everything i had been carrying, which included my journal and some journals my family had written a hundred years ago. (i wish those actually existed.) after the water calmed down Doug, Carly, and i went searching for anything that came to the surface. i found my journal, but not the old one, and i was crushed.