Back at work... It's amazing how little work I do here compared to what I did in Iraq. So far I've worked on a PowerPoint presentation and planned next week's business trip to Oahu. The pace will pick up when I get back from Hawaii because I'll only have two weeks before my next business trip to Seattle and I have a lot of things I'll need to get done before I leave for that.

A movie commentary (a short one): "Robots" -- it was great! Ewan and Robin did a great job, but whoever wrote the dialogue and planned the story-line deserves much recognition. I'd love to write scripts for movies like that...but I'm not nearly ingenious or funny enough.

Alright--- gotta get out of here and go to an appointment. Today in San Diego the weather is - PERFECT - and I've got my Cabrio top down so I can enjoy it while I drive over to Coronado. Ciao~~