Yes, I know, it's been a while. I started working the night shift and it threw off my sleep schedule so I have been a little too tired to care about updating this. However... the night shift is definitely better. It's quiet, and there aren't many Generals up and about at 2 am asking us questions. I can actually read through all my emails and the traffic, which is unheard of during the day time. The down side to this is that the day time is when others want to do construction work and check on your air conditioner, so it's a little hard to sleep. I think I've slept through, without being woken up, once so far. The other down side is that I missed rugby two times, and from now on I have to wake up earlier to play. The good thing about getting off work at 8am is that it's daylight - so I've been running after work. I go running with two guys (an LT and a Chief, both Navy), and we're aiming to run Monday through Friday. I have to wear my Air Force t-shirts to make sure no one thinks I'm in the Navy, of course. :) I don't think I've ever said this before, but running relaxes me. Too bad I didn't pick up this habit years ago.

It's difficult to find things to say on here because it's always a monologue, and my life doesn't change that much. Most of the things that go on I can't talk about, and the things I can talk about aren't of any real interest to anyone. Every day is Monday. Still, I've hit the two-month mark now, and looking back, it's flown by. Before long, it'll be Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year's, and then I'll be flying home. Although the nights drag by, the weeks are swift.

Well, I've let you all know I'm alive. I'm in pretty good spirits, too. Oh, one thing that has changed that's a big deal in my life is that the doctor thinks I'm "gluten intolerant" and have a disease called Celiac Sprue. He can't test me for it out here, but he said to go ahead and do some research on it, and then when I get back to California, get tested. The big deal about it is that if I do have it, I can't eat anything made from wheat, rye, barley, or oats. Anyway, that means no cookies, bread, pasta -- anything with flour. That means no meat cooked in gravy. I've been sticking to it pretty well the past few days, but it's a little hard to say if I've been successful because who knows how they cook some of the stuff here. I have been feeling better, though. So, although that's not a big deal to you, it's certainly a drastic change. No cookies! (Unless they're made with rice or soy flour.) I guess this will be good for me, after all.

Ok, well I'll get back to work. My shift ends in a little over an hour...
Sorry about this being the most uninteresting entry yet. Maybe something exciting will happen that I can talk about!