unfortunately, there is no pool here. oh well.

tonight after my yoga class i was going to do some cardio, but they were having a boxing fight and the rest of the gym was closed off. i stayed to watch (nothing else to do), and i have to admit it was a little interesting.

boredom breeds the desire to shop, so i spent some time in the PX today, browsing and getting the new Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco cds (plus season two of Sex and the City, which i'd never watched until recently and am embarrassingly hooked).

my flight leaves on the 6th. that is too many days to spend eating all my meals and doing everything alone. forced time to "look within" and figure myself out, i guess.


Anonymous said...

Look within? Well while you're at it could you meditate on how to make Tori Amos fall in love with me?

Tori Amos


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather oppps I mean Amber,

When you get home, make sure you take time by yourself, without others to observe and take in everything around home so you can feel your direction.

Just some word of advice from a fellow war vet as well. It can be overwhelming.

I will probaly be around if you every want to talk to a friend outside your group of friends and family you have close contact with.

P.S. Take your time with finding the right man to be with. Think of me as a older brother on this.

I told that to one of my nephew's who just got back in November from the "Sand Box" on finding the right woman and relationships etc.

You all have change in a lot of ways and you need someone that can understand will understand your outlook. Also they (Mate)may try to help you, accept it and smile, cause they are the only one who will see you completely.

Remember you are on a different cycle then the other people (Civilians) REGARDLESS if you were in or not in combat directly.

You will have some form a stigmatism that people will look at you even if you explain you weren't in the "Box" directly engaging the enemy.

Deep down inside, you were there by those guys who are fighting.

Well enough of my preachy surmon, Come and Welcome home. :-D


Vince :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pebbles :)
People are giving you lots of wise advice - do follow it! I remember from my first tour out here it can be pretty strange going back to normal life after this experience - it took me a month or so to adjust. Definately listen to Vince's advice!

take it easy
Brit #9

Sneercat said...

Wow! Where was Vince when I got back? Good advice, no strike that....GREAT advice. Advice that I needed when I got back, but because I didn't "see" any "action" I was told that I was blowing things out of proportion. So, take your own temperature and do what is needed for yourself.