I have arrived in Kuwait...after a nice, gucci C-17 (from Charleston) ride.
It feels so strange, being out of Iraq. Away from my friends.

They said the next flight out of here that I can get on won't leave until around the 6th... so I suppose I'll be doing a lot of writing, reading, gym/pool.... and being bored. In a way, it's nice because it will give me a chance to unwind before heading home. Almost like a decompression chamber.

I'll keep this short since I may have plenty of opportunity to write at length later this week.


Anonymous said...

thank goodness and soon you'll be home...good luck to you

Anonymous said...

Swimming, oooh I envy that you can swim! 6 days of nothing and you say you are bored? Wow. I mean, that's cool you like being active and all, but wow. According to the Marshal Utility Theory your marginal propensity to consume leisure is eclipsed by the utility you derive from "work." This is unusual since you're not compensated by an hourly wage. Your wage-labor function is exponential, not parabolic. I always thought of you as an individual -- now I have proof. :P

Just fooling around.