I have a some-what funny story: On Tuesday, I got some sleeping pills from the doc b/c I wasn't sleeping well on my cot (plus it's noisy in my tent of 20+ females). I slept very well that night... so well, in fact, I didn't even know four mortar rounds had hit somewhere nearby, waking everyone else up and shaking the tent. The mortars really aren't that frightening because we're all used to them, but are surprising. We had one hit yesterday while I was typing a report at work, shaking our trailer, and it made me jump. Someone exclaimed, "outgoing!" which is the usual remark. Of course we never shoot out mortars, but it makes people feel better. The first thing we do after we hear something like that is see if EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) has scheduled to disarm something at that time (isn't it nice that they let us know?). The only time I get concerned is when the mortars sound far away at first and then get louder and louder. According to what I've heard, though, nobody's been killed by mortars here at Camp Victory. Their aim is horrible, it seems.

People I came here with have finally started receiving mail, so I'm hoping I get packages soon! :)

I have to get back to work... I get hundreds of messages a day I have to read. Sometimes it slows down, and sometimes there's a rush. (Especially if something has happened.) Sorta like working at a restaurant.

I'm getting used to the 110+ heat, which is good. Still, it's not too much fun walking the 3/4mile to lunch and back in the full sun. By the time I get back to work, I've lost so much water!


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