I have been working SO MUCH the last few days. A 12 hour shift is really a 13 hours shift due to shift changes, etc. I read and read and read and read. By the time work is over, I generally walk home and crawl into my luxurious cot, then pass out. I've been told I get a day off next Thursday, and then the week after it'll be a 1/2 day off, and will rotate like that each week. Thursday seems so far away...

I am really enjoying being here. Work is extremely demanding, and I feel like I won't ever get ahead, but I love it. It's real intel! I'm reading reports and articles, and making assessments (or trying to at this stage). For the last few days I'm just trying to make sense of the chaos in this country. There are so many people I have to know by name, and who they're related to, and where they are.... Since this wasn't the area I studied in college, EVERYTHING is new to me.

Well I have to go. One of the men that works in this computer lab just told me I have to get rid of my water bottle. The sign says no drinks, but everyone knows that water bottles are ok. I can't believe that. It's rediculous. I threw a fit, and now I have to go.

I'll write the next time I have a moment free.

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