I am retiring this blog. This is for several reasons, one of which is that I just don't have the time or energy anymore but most importantly because I feel I need to focus on my novel. That means no journaling - whether electronic or hard-copy. This is a distraction; when I'm procrastinating, I'll write in here instead of on my book. At any rate, it's been a good long run, and maybe I'll start up another one later on, at a new phase in my life or during another adventure.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog in the past. It's been very helpful knowing that there were people out there reading what I had to say and putting thought into what was written.

Signing out,


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed your view of the world. Best of luck to you.

Dennis, LTC, USAF Ret.

Sneercat said...

Good luck with all your endevors! Thank you for sharing your experiences and views.

Lara, ex-Slayer ShopGirl

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and also when you finish that book you need to let us know the title so we can purchase it.

Always Question said...

Sincere best wishes for fair winds and following seas.

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Take care Amber! We'll miss you in the milblog circles!

Sean from DocintheBox said...

PS If you ever want to go out for a beer, drop me a line, I'm in SD too.

SMASH said...

Best of luck on the novel!

The dinner invite is still on -- I'll drop you a line when my wife is feeling well enough to go out again (she's recovering from a broken back -- thrown from a horse).

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see this project go. I looked forward to reading it and it helped us stay in touch. Chat with ya later.


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