time for another picture... this is the chapel at Camp Slayer. you can see my house straight ahead, on the water....


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice. I wonder how the palace properties will be allocated once Iraq assumes autonomy. It looks like a very luxurious hotel and resort could be set up there. Can you skip a rock on that lake Amber? :P


Anonymous said...

always keep a copy in a notepad :-)

Sans (realvoice.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

Nice place for worship. So you are a short short timer? :-D Ah the weather has been nice lately from Southern Cali and Arizona. I hope you get back to enjoy it before the heat waves start up. ;-)

Hold on to your thoughts and desires and if you do decide to stay in the military, it shouldn't be all that bad. I do not forsee this country in a conflict anytime soon.

Except for invading a country south of us. President Chavez (Venezuela) is building up a major military, that we as a nation have taken our eyes off our own backyard. He has bought over a 100,000 weapons and looking to fortify his air force with 4 billion dollars of MIG's. He is Anti American. I worry more of this man then Saddam. I have always worried about South, Central Americas vs any other countries.

Don't get me wrong, this war you and others have fought and supported, regardless of your beliefs about it, is coming to a end. If it goes into a civil war who cares, it will be a victory for the US and the majority rule in Iraq for Shia's and Kurd's.

I know my thoughts and sights of the world of politics are coming out from just a simple picture. lol

I hope you stay safe and stay alert to your surroundings and come home and let your hair down and take a breather from all this.

P.S. Are you going to keep your Blog going even when you come home or close it like others have? Just curious.

Well Lt, Let us know when you get ready to leave and you are home safe.

Prayers and Cheers to ya,