guess what i get to do today?? out-process!!! it's SO exciting. i get to drive around and visit all the little places, like the armory and supply, to check out. i leave Baghdad next Monday and i can hardly wait! i don't know yet when i'll get home b/c it could take three to nine days getting there, but it doesn't matter. as long as i get to return to the real world, it doesn't matter if it takes a week getting there.

it's warming up here already. the past few days have been gorgeously warm, albeit a little cloudy. today looks bright and shiny, though.

~ amber


FishTaxi said...

Oh goodie! Your getting short now!

What an experience you've had. Thanks for sharing.

Out-processing is the opposite that astronauts go through?

There you go Amber, next stop Mars:)


Anonymous said...

Congrads. We still want you to make it out of there ALIVE and WELL. When you do reach the World, Let us know. As Kathy said, it has been an experience and one to hopefully guide you in the right path to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Well enjoy your time you can and stay alert and alive and hope we can hear from you again soon.

Prayers and Support for you and the others serving always.

P.S. BIG Group Hug awaits for ya, ;-) lol

Have a good day / week if we don't talk,


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a field trip. Please post pictures of any exotic animals you encounter on your safari. As for the vehicle, I say carpe diem: drive it like you stole it baby!

Return home safe.


Anonymous said...


Let me know when you get home. Chewy will be sooooo happy to see you!

Doing the happy dance!!!!

Hugs from NH,