The weather has been beautiful lately... cool and crisp, but clear and not too windy. Yesterday, just before sunset, I learned how to play cricket. It's really cool, and not that difficult...with a tennis ball. Having a real cricket ball flying at me would probably scare me off. I have some not-so-fond memories of softballs crashing into my cranium... Learning cricket is one of the benefits of having Aussies and Brits to work with.

One of my friends brought back an Eddie Izzard dvd from England for me... I'm going to go watch it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Amber! It sounds like there is no warn in Iraq: cricket, Eddie Izzard etc. But other messages from there show another side of medal. Few days ago 11 Ukrainian solders from MNF were killed by accident because an US aerobomb detonated during loading.
I’ve bought a dvd with Oliver Stone’ film “Platoon” (in English of course). Very, very good film about Vietnam. There is one part when King asked Taylor (Charlie Sheen) why he was there:
-I volunteered body.
-You VOLUNTEERED for this SHIT man?!?
-You believe that?
-You’re a crazy f...er!
cheers, Val.

Amber said...

val, i lost your email address.... try dibriad@isg.mil