Came back from Qatar a few days ago... couldn't post anything there because this site was blocked (as were all the useful sites). Anyway, yes, Qatar was amazing. It was so odd to be out in the "real" world. I went from eating at the chow hall here with plastic forks to a restaurant in the Ritz with fine silver. Needless to say, I was speechless most of the time, staring out of the car window in awe. Qatar was gorgeous, and strikingly similar to Bahrain. I loved going around the round-abouts at 90kph with tires screeching.

Rest. I really think that was what I needed most. Now I'm ready to tackle the elections here. Funny how I know so much about the Iraqi government and political situation and really haven't paid any attention to US politics.

Just two more months! Suddenly this will all be over (for me) and I'll find myself back in sunny San Diego in my old job -- but with "more experience and credibility" as they say.

For my Quarter-Century Party on Thursday we (my team) are going to Karaoke Night. Although a real bar with real alcohol would be more fun, it should be entertaining. We'll sing some sort of military song then too, since it'll also be Iraqi Army Day.

When I get my pics from Qatar online, I'll post a few here. Wow I'm in a good mood. Now, off to save the elections....!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Happy new year!
The election in Iraq is promised to be very "hot" so BE CAREFUL!
waiting for the photos, Val.

b said...

Take care and be safe. Thanks for the good writing and your blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Amber! So glad you got some R&R - what a Christmas present. Sounds like you really needed (and deserved!) it. I'm glad you got to do some sight-seeing and have some yummy meals. We're all looking forward to the pictures. Just two more months... you can do it!!!

Take care,
Susan Rosebrough

Anonymous said...


We are so out of the loop over here at school...boy, didn't even know you were deployed until Josh sent out the alumni update!!

Qatar sounds awesome, and I'm glad you got your deserved vacation...you surely must work harder than any other officer over there ;) At least it sounds like it!

We're in our third quarter at AFIT, and just pressing on to graduate. But at any rate, school is better than working. We're pretty isolated, though...even base exercises don't affect us because of class and the 12 hrs a day of homework =)

Well, take care and let us know if we can send you anything (really)!

Love ya,
Sparty & Mr. P

Anonymous said...


Glad to see that you're back in Iraq. Expect something in the mail from me soon :)

oh and happy 25th Birthday :) tanjoubi omedetou... you're getting up there like me lol :-p. just get don't get too drunk like I did in Miami to get kicked out of the club. lol


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service to our great country, Amber. It was great to see your photos in our ROTC Det 207 Gateway Alumni News letter. We all wish you a happy birthday and a safe trip home.

Brig Gen Ron Haeckel
Det 207 1976 Grad

FishTaxi said...

Hey Amber,

I'm glad you had some good time off, you deserved it. I hope your last two months go by safe & fast for you.

Read your whole blog while you were gone. And still reading so keep up your spirit, sir.

Here's a good Army song to sing along your Birthday.

This is the Army Private Jones
No private rooms or telephones...

Its from WW2. I'll try and get a podcast to you. I changed the words a bit when I was in AF basic training 30 years ago. Turned out to be our Flights song.

From the halls of Montezuma!

Warmyly, radiomixer

Gerard said...

Glad to see you are doing well. When you get back to San Diego, lunch is on me at any time. Carry on and stay safe.