Well, yesterday I took some time and wrote at length, and my post didn't save. *sigh* Oh well.

Believe it or not, the Marine General over here thought not wearing the black fleece jackets was rediculous as well -- so they changed the uniform standards for us over here (finally, someone in charge has common sense). I was warm walking to work this morning...

I am searching for ways to put pics on here for you. My words aren't nearly as descriptive as a well-taken photo. I'm going to use the program "flikr."

Well, Merry Christmas and enjoy the season!

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JD said...

Amber, I can appreciate your your frustrations with uninform of the day and the cold. Years ago when I was stationed at Ft. Benning in an Infantry Battalion it was legal for us to wear a green wool sweater similar to the British sweater. My company commander (Capt S.)who was a good guy loved the sweater and wore it often. Our battalion commander who was something of a jerk hated the sweater and used to give Capt S. a lot of grief about it. One day at a one of those big big drill and ceremonies events they love to do at the Infantry school, Capt S. sat next to the Bn Commander in the reviewing stand. Bn Cmdr immediately started giving Capt S. a hard time about the sweater. It was about 40 degrees. Arriving about 5 minutes late the Brigade Commander (full bird) hurried into the reviewing stands and sat next to the Bn Cmdr wearing the same green sweater that Capt S. was wearing. The goofy grin on Capt. S. was truly priceless. I hope he is a general somewhere today.