I guess fixing my image/sidebar problem will have to wait a few days. *sigh* I'm not the computer geek i should be, apparently.

Today i spent most of the time staring at my computer screen, trying to figure out what was the point of the project i was working on. that must happen to other people as well, right? i wanted so badly to go back to my bed and sleep it all away...

i got an email yesterday with the "12 Days of Iraqristmas." It's great.... i'll have to put it on here sometime.

too bad i have nothing signifitant to report today... Camp Slayer was rather quiet today, at least where i was at. oh, i ran both last night and this morning, like an idiot. i think that's the only exciting thing that has happened. that, and we're watching White Christmas tonight after work. finally, something to look forward to.

it doesn't really feel like Christmas here. i'm not complaining about it though. because the work mood hasn't changed, and we aren't inundated with Christmas commercialism, and we don't have any Christmas parties, i just kind of forget that it's December. it's not bad - by forgetting, i don't feel as if i'm missing out on the holiday. as we say here, "there's always next year." next year, i plan on being somewhere snowy, with lots of mountains to snowboard on and egg nog and spiced cider and Dad's baklava. (he's sending me a box of his made-from-scratch baklava!) too bad i am not getting the traditional Matthews' family made-from-scratch ravioli Christmas dinner (don't ask, i know it's weird, but it's good, trust me).

the head boss here told me i look like Greta Scacci. i looked her up and sort of disagree. so now i've been told i look like her, Kate Winslet, and ... the girl from Sex in the City, what's her name... oh, Kim Cattrall. what a mix. i still don't see it.

well, off to dinner. it's steak night! (funny thing... we have guys from India cooking our food, and they don't do so well sometimes, but they try. on Curry Night, it's awesome. the steaks...they cook them after lunch and then re-heat them for dinner, but when it's all you got...)


Anonymous said...


Your sidebar image is back where it should be for me! Whatever it is, you did it right:)

Enjoy your steak dinner! We here at the Town offices are laughing. Only because one of the girl's mother-in-law does the same thing on Thanksgiving. Cooks the turkey before hand then warms it up when every one get there. We've decided Doris must be cooking at Camp Slayer.


Anonymous said...

Whoever said you look like Greta Scacci they are crazy. You for one are a Hottie and Greta she is okay. It is fun to read your writtings. I am posting this anonymously but, if you like to know my name, it is Vince.

I am so glad I didn't put my hand up to come in as an officer. I was so close. I have under 9 years to retire but I am almost 40 and there is no way I am dealing with the non common sense people I have seen you and a few others help me realize, "WAKE UP DUDE" I make good money and getting shot for under 50k isn't all that hot.

I hope your holiday season is better next year and keep up the good work.

Merry Christmas