it's been raining. although i enjoy the familiar smell of wet pavement... i do not so much enjoy the mud. it's not just normal mud... it sticks to your boots and piles up and up so suddenly you find yourself two inches taller and walking on rounded soles. it's got the consistency of chocolate pudding mixed with corn starch.

the change in climate is welcomed, though. it suddenly feels, smells, and looks a bit like Fall. or at least a Fall with Palm trees.

i think i am getting addicted to running -- and that's alarming, coming from me.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know people read you. So glad the weather is being more sensable. Keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

I check it everyday for updates....we appreciate each and everyone of you over there...

From : Southern Utah, USA

Anonymous said...

You keep your head down. Take care of you and yours.

You make us all proud.

Anonymous said...


I'm reading your posts and noticed that you haven't posted anything since the 2nd. I pray and hope you're safe and fine.