i'm working on a short story now, which is so-far titled "Waffle House" -- once it's polished up a bit more i'll send it off. hopefully i'll make something out of it and begin my dreams of professional writer-hood.

i bought Jewel's book of poetry today. i'd always avoided it because, well, she is a celebrity, and probably only got herself published because of it. after glancing through it a bit i discovered she writes well, and i like it. it's naked.

i've been immersing myself in verbs the past month or so. verbs, gerunds, participles -- tenses, gender, numerals. it's all exotic to me, somehow. particularly in Russian. today we began the Russian Noun. i think perhaps i'll finally begin to understand the cases -- nominative, accusative, dative, etc. the highlight of the morning was purchasing a new text on Russian grammar. it's the best one i've seen, and just flipping through the pages makes me happy, as i read and understand more than i did before. the verbs of motion, so nicely listed. i'm absolutely in love with my major.

i also purchased a correspondence kit. writing is fabulous, and writing to people even better. particularly if they know how to wield a pen.

on friday i am driving down to Pensacola again. second time. i'm dropping off a truck, staying around for pure enjoyment, and flying back on monday. i will leave on flight #1270 to Charlotte, NC, then arrive in St. Louis on flight #311. i haven't been in a plane since August. i haven't been in a commercial plane since June.

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