well i have a Russian test in an hour and a half. yay. my paper for politics: oh yeah baby i rocked it hard!!! best one all semester.

i just had a very strange dream. involving Albuquerque, the Zulicks, Japanese people, etc. first, i had Tori Amos' album "Boys for Pele" playing on a loop the whole time i was sleeping. i remember being very angry in a part of the dream when a certain ex was over and i kept wanting to take a nap and he kept doing things to me while i was sleeping. nothing really bad, but rearranging my clothing was bad enough. i was furious with him! he had the most pitiful look on his face, that i'm sure in real life he couldn't ever do, and i felt very bad for him. still, i yelled at him to go home. then i was in NM and i found the Zulicks there. i was on some balcony and i kept throwing ice to them. Rachel was so happy. Nora didn't say anything. then i realized my leg was hurting really badly and i found my aunt (one that doesn't exist) and showed her. i was very concerned because i had about five different bites on my right leg and it was turning green and purple. she told me i'd been bitten by a black recluse (do those exist?), a butterfly (that bite was actually illuminated), and various other insects. i wanted to cut the leg off. she just poked into it, let everything drain, and i was fine later. then i was trying to go into a prison that was in a subway and i read the sign in kanji that said women, but when i got down there it was all Japanese men. so i ran back up and went back down into the women's section. then it really turned into a meeting place instead of jail. after that i kept waking up, thinking of a certain new guy, and wanting to dream of him instead. of course that didn't work and the previous dream kept on continuing. i was dismayed and finally decided i should wake up now and study. so much dreaming in one afternoon-nap!

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