ok. this is interesting... i meditated after i couldn't find it, trying to calm myself down. then i did some yoga because meditating caused my back to hurt really badly. then i fell asleep...at 1:30am Kevin called, and we talked for two hours (it was awesome). still i couldn't find my passport and it was driving me crazy. i woke up this morning after dreaming it was in a backpack at the foot of my bed. strange? i thought so. i had so much conviction when i awoke that it was there...i almost called my mom to tell her i had found it. of course, the backpack i dreamt about was in my closet, not by my bed. i looked -- nothing there. then i looked all around my bed. i once again checked my hiking pack and voila! it was there! in the little pocket on the front. i had put it there before i left STL so i wouldn't lose it. ironic.

Chasaty is supposed to come today. i never really count on her because she's stood me up so many times in the past. she probably forgot. of course, she could be on her way. who knows? she has a 2 hour drive...

i wish this was showing up...i wish this webpage was working.

oh! Pete (my neighbor) loaned me his digital camera. if you want to get pictures i take in Russia, email me at : matthead@slu.edu and i will try to get it to work and send them to you.


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